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Well we won the division for the 3rd time in 4 years and I guess there was a time that that would have been enough, especially between 1986 and 2001, but not anymore.  We have over 3 Million Fans flocking to Angels Stadium to see a winning team; our fans don’t follow losers at least not in person.  They may sit in front of the TV or listen to game on radio, but in Southern California we have too many outside activities and other venues to occupy our time then to openly follow a losing team as my brother and I did faithfully especially between the 86 to 01 time frame.  I vividly remember home games that were more like away games during those years no matter who we played but especially the Yankees and Red Sox.  The only ones who came besides the handful of die hard fans like Guy and I were displaced East Coast and Mid West Fans who came to see the teams of their youth play the hapless Angels. 


Note to Bill Stoneman; “I don’t want to return to those times, please bring us a power hitter or two for Christmas”.

In the four years since we lost Troy Glaus our home run production has gone from having 4 guys who hit over 20 home runs and 3 with over 30 to one guy with over 20.  Mike Scioscia baseball as it has come to be known may be exciting when guys can get on base and may disrupt lesser teams, but when you are play the “Big Guns” you have to match power with power.  We didn’t win the 2002 World Series with steals and bunts we won it with Home Runs.  Troy Glaus matched Bonds almost homer for homer, if I remember Glaus had 7 and Bonds had 8. In that series Salmon had 4, Kennedy had 3 in one game and probably the most important hit of that Series was Scott Spezio’s 3 run shot in game 6 followed the next inning by Erstad’s lead off homer to cut the lead to one run.  Ortiz and Manny hit more home runs in this 3 game series (4) than the Angels hit as team in the last 6 post season games (2).


Figgins, I just don’t know what to do with him, he is an enigma. He is not good enough at any position to remove a starter and his worst position is 3rd, and that is one of our most needed wholes. He was absolutely spectacular in the middle and most of the last half of the year going from a .130 average to over .340, but he finished the year 0 for 22, in the lead off spot. I would think his value is up right now and I would like to trade him, if for no other reason than to take that option away from Scioscia.


My problem is that we have known this issue for the last four years and every year the same broken promises.

Just last week Stoneman was openly gloating about not making a trade for a proven hitter and staying with the prospects, wonder if he feels that way today after that embarrassing series. And yes we had injuries, but the only one that really mattered was Vlad and all they had to was hit him with a pitch and put him out of game 2 so they didn’t have to pitch to him in the ninth. Why didn’t we retaliate on Sunday and hit Manny or Ortiz. Ortiz strikes out in the first; I think that was the only time we got him out and then hits another homerun.  Instead of plunking Manny then we let him hit another homer, that is just not how it is suppose to work, you can’t let these guys just take over the plate especially after Ramirez celebrated and showed up not just our pitcher but the whole team after hitting the walk off homer run in the 9th inning of game two and hitting Vlad earlier.  That sent a message to the whole league that the Angels are just a bunch of wimps, come on Scioscia your this big tough guy show some guts, protect your guys, let the pitcher send a message.


I am sick of Anderson, he should just be released, he has no life, erratic offensively, a liability on defense and he is always hurt of sick, enough! One more note, we do not need another DH, we need a power guy who can play a position other the 1st base.



To end this with a positive note

I believe we have a great nucleolus with Vlad, Orlando, Kotchman, Kendrick and Mathew Jr., at least defensively. We have good, if not great, pitching; it just lacked consistency at the end of the year, especially the bull pen which has been our strength.

Gary and Howie

Mathis and Napoli

Both Mathis and Napoli are good catchers

But both need to improve offensively, but they are young. I like Izturis, but he is not a # 5 hitter or a 3rd baseman. Aybar is OK but we don’t need another middle infielder trade him for something we need.

Christmas List:

Power Hitting 3rd baseman –
Alex Rodriquez, Mike Lowell?

Power Hitting Outfielder –
Tori Hunter, Andruw Jones?