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September Baseball

OK, it's now crunch time and the Angels have lost 4 straight, including being swept by the last place Devil Rays, ouch!

Was this really a surprise? – I was going to write all this stuff on what I have been griping about all year like it would be some new revelation and I pick up both Orange County papers (LA Times OC edition) and every sports writer is saying the same thing: No Offense, Overused Bull Pen, No Left Hander reliever, Finley sucks, no one to protect Vlad.

If all this is so obvious to everyone else, why have the Angel Management done nothing to try and correct these problems?


Offense has been a problem since day 1 of the regular season.

Dallas started on the DL, so he has been questionable. Anderson was out almost all of last year and did not play much this spring and he is still not right. The corner positions and DL have not produced and Finley has been a joke.

The Angels have wasted the best pitching year in Angel history, yet they remained in first place almost all year and now the wheels are falling off and they do nothing significant.

Pine Tar

Bull pen –

It was great early in the year.

And as Scioscia always does, he plays his favorites and stays with a set pattern regardless of the situation.

So he overused Shields and KRod and he keeps going with Donnelley no matter how bad he pitches.

I am not a big fan of the righty/lefty match-ups and I think it is over used in major league baseball, but there are times when it is needed. The Angels I believe are the only team without a left handed reliever in the pen, I think they really need one.

Baseball trades

There are several players that have cleared wavers and would be available for a trade, Ken Griffey, Mike Sweeny are two that come to mind.

I bet we could trade Finley for Griffey straight up if the Angels would pick up his contract. The most important thing is to at least pick up another bat to protect Vlad and show the team that the Angels want to win.

The 31st is the last day they can make a trade for a position player that they can use in the playoffs, if they make it and right now it does not look good.