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Ok, here we are with 15 games left in the season and surprisingly the Angels are still in it and are 11 games over .500. That should have been enough to get them into the playoffs, since they were 11 games under .500 when I last updated my Gripes and Good Stuff. Imagine if they were .500 back then, they would be 22 games over .500 now and in first place or at lease tied for first. They would also be in the wild card hunt. But all in all, they have played fairly well or at least much better than they started, so I will be positive while in the “Good Stuff” section.

Rodriquez and Lackey

Angel Pitching

It has been nothing short of fantastic, even the middle relief has been pretty good lately and Frankie has been just flat out brilliant.

Imagine if they would have actually gone out and gotten a bat, a third baseman or a center fielder, instead of wasting all that great pitching on a weak offense. Oh sorry, said I’d be positive in this section

Fan Attendance

Wow! over 40 sell outs with another home stand to go.
However I am seeing more and more of the opposing team's fans in the Season Ticket Holder section, which is not a good sign. Sorry, I just can’t stay positive about this year.

Saunders, Waever and Kendrick


Napoli has been great behind the plate. As usual, Scioscia over used him and his batting fell off. Damn, there I go again, sorry.

Saunders has been very good picking up for Colon

Weaver has been unbelieveable.
Weaver has a 9-0 start, plus 2 wins in the minors after being sent down at 6-0, then coming back and winning 3 more. He should have had at least 10 straight if we had an offense.

Howie Kendrick looks very poised for a rookie, still makes good contact, has had some very key hits and is decent at first base, even though Scioscia may ruin him playing him there. Sorry, did it again.


Stoneman and Scioscia

Angel Management

Now I can let it all hang out!
I am so disgusted with the Angel Management and Coaching that I just want to scream.


How can you not address the glaring weaknesses on this team that have been there for two seasons now? Duh!
NO OFFENSE, no protection for Vlad.

Speed Kills

Speed Kills

One of the biggest problems that I see besides the lack of proven talent is
Scioscia’s obsession with small speedy players, most of whom are middle infielders.

I was a middle infielder, I love middle infielders,
but not at every position. The Angels have 5 middle infielders starting at 5 of the nine positions and sometimes even at DH with Figgins, this is ridiculous. And you can’t part with any of these guys to address other needs, give me a break.

In fact when Cabrera got hurt the other day, instead of using Figgins or Izturis at Short, he brought up Aybar who had two errors and one misplay that was not an error. What was that all about?

And when they pinch hit for Kennedy the other day instead of moving Kendrick to 2nd (his preferred and normal position), he moved Figgins to 2nd from Center and put Willits in center. Figgins missed the first ball thrown to him on a steal attempt where the runner would have been out. And what type of message does that send to Kendricks?

Mike Scioscia

Everyone thinks that Scioscia’s aggressive style of baseball is so exciting and so brilliant. But what most people don’t understand is when the guy(s) on base are jumping around and running on every pitch, it not only distracts the pitcher, but it is a major distraction to the hitter.

If you are always doing a hit and run, or running on contact, or stealing, it makes it more difficult for the batter to concentrate. It distracts him from seeing the ball, making good contact, waiting for his pitch and driving it deep, or hitting to a certain location.

I believe that is one reason the Angel hitters seem so impatient and don’t produce with runners on base. Plus the fact that opposing managers and coaches know what Scioscia is going to do the majority of the time and pitch accordingly. How many 1st and 3rd outs have the Angels made this year at 3rd or Home? I’ll bet they lead the majors.

Don’t get me wrong, I think speed is a great weapon when used at the right time and I love to see guys go from 1st to 3rd on a base hit. But I hate to see a team run themselves out of inning after inning, and game after game, and use the excuse that they do it because the don’t have an offense, that is stupid!

Chone Figgins

I don’t know where to start, but let’s get to the fact that the Angels have committed over 110 errors this season.

And who has committed the most? Mr. Figgins, that’s who and why? Because he can’t play any position very well, so it gets hidden in his supposed versatility.

He can’t play 3rd. Sure he can make the occasional web gem, but normal plays no. He is not big enough to knock down a hard shot to 3rd and doesn’t know what to do with the ball when he does stop it.

He is almost never used at his supposed middle infield positions of Shortstop or 2nd but what I saw when he did play them it was pretty ugly.

Chone Figgins non-catches

He is an OK outfielder because of his speed, but in center he doesn’t take charge, so balls can fall in the gap or in front of him.

And he does not know how to take the proper route the ball to get the full benefit of his speed. Plus, his size allows balls to go easily over his head. He is not going over the wall to rob anybody of a home run.

No leadership

This Angels team has no on-field leader.

Kennedy tried, he got in Figgins face over an on field screw up. But when he was worried about being traded at the trade deadline and thinking that this is his last year with the Angels (plus Figgins is obviously a Scioscia favorite), he backed off.

Erstad the acknowledged field leader has not been around due to injury plus I believe that it is difficult for non Spanish speaking players to be the leader when over half the team speaks Spanish and many including starters like Vlad, Izturis and Rivera speak little English.

Anderson and Cabrera

GA should take over that roles, but someone would have to wake him up first and he doesn’t speak Spanish, or speak at all, for that matter. I think Cabrera has to be the guy to fill this role.

I guess I need to let my blood pressure get back to normal and wrap this up until next year. This has been a strange season and I have not been able to really get behind this team.

Maybe it is all of the guys playing out of position, maybe Scioscia management style has finally pushed me over the edge, maybe it is all the players like Vlad and Rivera that don’t speak to the media and give you any insight into who they are, maybe it is all of the stupid things that they have done, like sending Weaver to the minors when he was 6-0, but I just can’t seem to warm up to this team.

Although I can’t keep from watching and routing for them to win, a part of me hopes they don’t make the playoffs. So they are forced to address the needs and make some major changes in the off season, and field a team that I can be fanatical about again. Hopefully it will start with a new GM that is not asleep at the wheel.

Come on Spring Training!